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M&A and Transactions Support

EKON has been involved in assisting both and buyers and sellers to successfully complete transactions for all manner of technologies, but particularly for wind, solar PV, CCGT and, within the gas industry, regasification terminals.  We provide support at any of the stages under a M&A process from the non-binding and binding bids, providing clients with a high level expert opinion on the overall viability of the transaction. Since 2018, we have supported the successful closure of 15GW of transactions covering renewable and conventional generation assets.


Our services fall into two broad groups:

Off-The-Shelf Reports
  • EKON publishes a quarterly report for both the Spanish and Portuguese markets.  Our reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Iberian electricity markets and a long-term forecast for the wholesale, PV and wind capture prices. 

  • These OTS reports have been prepared by a coordinated team of experts based in Madrid, with real on-the-ground knowledge of the Iberian electricity market.  

  • Our reports and price projections have been used by leading utilities, infrastructure funds, lenders and independent promoters in their investment decision processes and in negotiating debt or re-financing.

Bespoke Services
  • EKON provide bespoke electricity price forecasting capabilities. We provide the Client with a long-term forecast of demand and supply for power together with wholesale price forecasts based on technical/economic assumptions that will be agreed with the Client and a number of sensitivities. The deliverables will include Excel spreadsheets showing underlying assumptions and modelling outputs and a Market Report which will summarise our analysis that can be presented to potential investors. EKON will also be available to engage in an interactive workshop and/or conference calls to address queries as required.

  • We also provide bespoke Regulatory and Market Due Diligence Reports, and Tariff Deficit and Rinv/Ro assessments for regaulted assets.

Our Philosophy

  • Work on complex and large transactions, offering a full range of services from a high level red-flag report, all the way through to complete advisory services to buyers and sellers of assets or energy related businesses,

  • Leverage on our experience in both conventional (coal, CCGT, cogeneration and nuclear) and RES (hydro, wind, solar) generation, electricity and gas infrastructure (electricity distribution, gas pipelines and regasification terminals), PPAs (power purchase agreements) and GSAs (gas supply agreements),

  • Offer in-house models, internally developed, for long term (>25 years) pool price projections in order to be able to provide a full scope of services on an asset by asset or a portfolio basis, or an entire business.

  • Provide robust and traceable financial models that can be easily audited but also allow for complex valuations,

  • Work closely with the client and their financial, legal and technical advisors in preparing the deal or assisting in the negotiation phase.

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