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References - PPA Advice

Work carried out
EKON experts were appointed by a large Spanish public entity to advise on PPAs in Spain for an offtaker. The work also included reviewing the terms to be included in a PPA tender process and the criteria with which to evaluate the bidders based on the ideal technology, payment structure and term that would best-suit our Client and their risk appetite. Having reviewed the Client's load curve, we set about locating the We are currently advising our Client on how to implement their PPA strategy.
Confidential Client – Large Spanish Public Entity
EKON provided PPA assessment services for this international investment fund interested in acquiring renewable assets in Spain. The task included a deep analysis of the main clauses together with a provision of long-term pool prices to be used as a reference to set the price.
Australian Fund
EKON advised a large Spanish IPP on their PPA strategy. EKON experts worked together with the Client explaining the main clauses and risks associated to signing s PPA, as part of this project EKON provided reference pool prices for the relevant period to assist our Client by providing a reference for the price negotiations.
EU Utility
EKON provided to PPA advisory services for an independent electricity retailer operating in the Iberian market as part of signing a long-term PPA. EKON experts reviewed the most relevant clauses and valued the different pricing options.
Investment Fund
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